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IT jobs in Thailand

We specialise in recruiting for project management, ERP system, e-commerce, mobile application development, cloud solution, software development, application development as well as IT digital, IT infrastructure, IT consulting, UX/UI design, solution design and solution architect professionals.

Our specialist IT consultants have established a strong network and work closely with companies from IT vendors to multinational corporations across a broad range. We are all equipped with in-depth industry knowledge and are able to better understand your career aspirations. We only recruit IT talent across a range of organisations and are experts in our niche areas. Because we are specialists, we can offer you in-depth view of your career goals and support you in your next job search.

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Our approach

vorubsorn pongsiribanyat

Our specialist Tech & Transformation consultants in Thailand have an extensive network of IT candidates across industries. This constantly expanding network helps immensely in ensuring our   team of well-rounded and experienced recruiters are able to secure the right talents for your company. 

In order to make sure we are matching the right people with the right job, we also measure our candidates’ technical competencies via a professional third party online assessment tool called International Knowledge Measurement. Acting as a complement to face-to-face interviews, this assessment tool is guaranteed to be one of the most efficient means of gauging the technical skills required to meet the concrete needs of our clients. 


Vorubsorn Pongsiribanyat, Associate Director (Accounting & Finance, Legal and Tech & Transformation)
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Latest IT jobs in Thailand

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