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We understand that no two organisations are the same. Find out more about how we've customised our recruitment offerings to help clients across South East Asia meet their needs

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Salary Survey Guide Thailand 2024

Get the most comprehensive overview of salaries and hiring trends in your industry

Get the industry insider’s insight: Your 2024 salary guide for hiring and jobs in Thailand


Thailand's jobs market is constantly moving, and we have the inside knowledge. We don’t just help you keep up – we make sure you stay one step ahead with Thailand's most comprehensive, data-led salary benchmarking tool.​

Our Salary guide is your definitive guide to what’s happening in your industry, and where it’s heading next. We arm you with the facts and analysis to take bold decisions, fine tune the next steps in your career search and outsmart your competition when it comes to talent attraction and retention.​

We offer salary and market insights for permanent, contract and interim positions across Thailand in Bangkok and beyond across a variety of disciplines, see our expertise section below.​

Salary insights, the power of knowledge

Informed by real-world market data, analysis and insights, our Salary Survey leaves no stone unturned to reveal your industry’s:

  • Trends to watch
  • In-demand skillsets 
  • Salary expectations

We put the power in your hands with tools to drill down on the sectors, roles and stats that matter to you. So, whether you’re seeking global perspectives, national knowledge, or local intel – you’ll find it in our Salary Survey.

Our expectations for Thailand in 2024 

In anticipation of Thailand's hiring market in 2024, a significant shift in employee priorities is evident, highlighting a strong emphasis on flexible working, work-life balance, cultural fit, and a dedicated commitment to CSR and ED&I. Simultaneously, amidst challenges in talent retention and staff sourcing, businesses are contending with a noticeable surge in counteroffer tactics aimed at retaining valuable talent. To address these dynamics, companies will also strategically enhance talent attraction by integrating culture and employer branding into their recruitment processes, establishing partnerships with sustainability-focused platforms, and prioritising training programs.

Next year, 75% of employees expect salary increases, with 41% anticipating a 6-10% raise, while employers plan a more conservative 1-4% salary increase across all levels. Moreover, agreement between employers and employees surveyed on spending either 3 or 5 days at the office is evident, with the preference among employees leaning towards a hybrid working model.

Explore the detailed insights into Thailand's hiring market projections for 2024 in the complete article available here.

Our South East Asia outlook for 2024 

In the outlook for the hiring market in South East Asia, the significance of pay and benefits persists; however, employees are increasingly evaluating job offers in a more holistic manner. Candidates are actively seeking companies with a clear purpose, strong cultures, and values that align with their own. The demand for flexible work arrangements remains high, despite the broader movement encouraging employees to return to the office.

Conversely, employers are placing greater value on digital skills, even for positions unrelated to technology. There is a prevailing belief that most job functions will intersect with technology and automation. Consequently, it is crucial for employees to acquire or be equipped with the right digital skillsets.

As for the key hiring trends, ESG, digitalisation, automation, and sustainability is expected to persist in the job market throughout 2024.

Discover comprehensive insights into the hiring landscape for South East Asia in 2024 by exploring the full article available here.

Key Salary & Compensation insights in Thailand

SS Blocks


of businesses are giving pay rises in 2024


of professionals are looking for a new job in 2024

2.2 Years

Average tenure of professionals


of professionals are confident about job opportunities in this sector


of professionals are expecting a pay rise in 2024

Hiring Manager? Benchmark your teams salaries

If you’re growing your team or simply need to retain the talent you have, the Salary Survey guides you with the insights you need to have the right team in place to keep your business moving forward.

Candidate? Find out your salary potential

Whether you’re looking for a new role or preparing for your end-of-year appraisal, the Salary Survey will arm you with everything you need to know to get what you deserve.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use a salary guide?
    To find out what a reasonable salary is for the job and industry you are in or are thinking of moving into, use our guide to discover the average pay for someone with a similar level of experience as you and view your earning potential.​
  • What are the benefits of using a salary benchmarking guide?​
    Whether you're due a pay rise, promotion, or bonus, our guide allows you to review accurate market salary and pay averages to see how you can compare to others in your sector. Having accurate data-led information will help identify exactly how much you should be earning so you can prepare to negotiate your pay in your next performance review.​
  • When is the best time to negotiate my pay?​
    Pay reviews often take place during the annual and half-year employee performance review periods. Make sure you take this into consideration and time your negotiation right. If the annual pay review is in January, and you call the meeting for February, you're likely to have missed the boat. In such a case, November would be the most suitable time here.​
  • What is the salary benchmarking process and why is it important?​
    Salary benchmarking is the process of comparing salaries across the market for a particular job and providing a range and average for a particular role which can help guide an employer's decision-making on pay or bonuses during appraisal period or when making a new hire. The benchmarking process is essential for assessing and comparing pay and compensation packages in relation to the market and of those provided by competitors. Pay and compensation benchmarking can also provide significant competitor advantage, through the retention and attraction of top talent and enhancing an organisations reputation.
  • How to do benchmarking?​
    In partnership with a data collection specialist, a benchmarking tool offers a fully comprehensive list of salary ranges and averages based on location, experience level and more. You can view the latest salary range and averages in our 2023 guide.​
  • How should employers evaluate employee pay & compensation during performance reviews?​
    Salary and compensation reviews often take place during the annual and half-year employee performance reviews. In tangent with the employee performance scoring, you can use a salary benchmarking tool to inform the pay and compensation review process. The tool also gives good insight into market trends in-demand skill sets. So, use performance reviews to see where the employee fits relative to the external jobs market and avoid losing in-demand talent through effective pay and compensation strategies.​

Bespoke salary benchmarking

Using a combination of our own data, publicly available insights and our recruitment experts, we build bespoke overviews of the salaries and benefits required to attract talent.