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Robert Walters Thailand successfully launched an e-guide “Grow your Talent, Hire Based on Potential” in November 2019. Srisakul Thunwuthikul, Manager, Sales & Marketing (Healthcare) at Robert Walters Thailand took this opportunity and gave exclusive interview to well-known medias including The Nation, Business Today and Thansettakij on how hiring based on potential is becoming a trend in today’s market.

Srisakul shares that talent has become an increasingly in-demand asset and valuable resource for companies on a worldwide, regional, and local level. With Thailand an evolving and strategically located hub within ASEAN, strategising on how to effectively compete to attract hires from available talent pools is essential; an intrinsic element in achieving a competitive edge with successful sustainability and growth. She also shares that as the intensity of competing for talent continues, hiring for potential is gaining traction as a viable talent growth strategy in Southeast Asia as a whole.

Here are some data which she shared with the media:

  • In Thailand, over 60% of respondents considered experience as one of their top three considerations when looking for a new hire, with over 46% focused on the ability of candidates to learn quickly and over 33% citing soft skills as important too. However, on the other hand, over 44% of respondents stated that they had rejected a candidate who showed a lot of potential but lack the right qualifications or experience.
  • In Thailand, respondents identified individual traits that convinced them to hire based on potential. These comprised of: willingness to learn (74%); motivation (65 %); engagement (34%); creativity (29%); insights (16%); curiosity (13%); and other reasons, accounting for 4%.

For further insights from the media coverage, please click on the following links: 

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For a more in-depth insights from the guidebook, download your free copy here.

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