Robert Walters Thailand breaks our record, raising THB99,515 for the Foundation for Children with Disabilities


The Robert Walters Group held its annual fundraising event on 11 October 2019. Robert Walters Thailand held the event at the Aetas Lumpini hotel where the entire office came together for a memorable afternoon. The office raised a total of THB99,515 which will be donated to the Foundation for Children with Disabilities.

A united effort

This year the fundraising activities started early for Robert Walters Thailand. A week before the Charity Day event itself, we started keeping track of latecomers and the number of CV sent by consultants and a penalty was charged for staff members who came in late or did not send out the required number of CVs. Bidding forms were also given out so everyone in the office could vote for the people they want to see participate in the activities, creating a buzz in the office. The enthusiasm amongst the staff allowed us to raise a significant amount of donations prior to the actual Charity Day.

On the day itself, everyone dressed down in neon colours. Those dressed according to the theme donated a minimal fee of THB50 and those who forgot to dress accordingly had to pay a penalty of THB200.

The session at the hotel itself was filled with a lot of fun and laughter. Like every year, we had Robert Walters staff performing. They sang, danced and walked down the runway in a fashion show. This year, the theme for the fashion show was "Victoria's Secret". One of the staff members belted out poptunes while welcoming models onto the runway. The fashion show was followed by singing and dancing performances by newcomers as the rest of the office bidded on their favourite performances. The performers' courage and effort definitely paid off, as the amount raised exceeded the original target.

Following the performances, we had other fundraising activities which included ‘Wax to the Max,’ where male staff, including the Managing Director of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & Philippines, Gerrit Bouckaert, were voted upon to be waxed. We also had ‘Messy Beauty’ for female staff members, and the Country Manager of Thailand, Punyanuch Sirisawadwattana, made it to the list.  

“I have been with Robert Walters for almost 10 years now and its always an honour to be a part of Charity Day. This day is always one of the most memorable days in the year because of all the cooperation and spirit we see from the staff – they never fail to surprise us with their hidden talents. I am proud to say this year we have exceeded our targeted amount, and all this will be go towards the Foundation for Children with Disabilities, in hopes for them to have better lives,” said Punyanuch.

Supporting the Foundation for Children with Disabilities

The Foundation for Children with Disabilities was established in 1982 by the doctors and members of Lerdsin Hospital. The foundation was set up to provide all the care and necessities that children with brain disorders need – physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. The foundation also shares knowledge and familiarises the society on what is needed to be done to take good care of children with disabilities and for them to progress.  

Find out more about the Foundation for Children with Disabilities at

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