Forbes Thailand: The importance of hiring top executives



In a recent interview with Forbes Thailand, Gerrit Bouckaert, Managing Director of recruitment consultancy Robert Walters Thailand expounded on the need for the country's corporate sector to invest in top executives.

"Hiring a professional top executive can definitely have a profound impact on the entire organisation. Top executives significantly help to boost operational profit growth, market share and operational efficiency progress of a company by providing staff with a clear strategy, helping them in executing it, and keeping them engaged throughout the process," he said.

"On the flipside, hiring an inefficient top executive might cause significant damage to the organisation and can result in loss of profit, small market share, high employee turnover, bad reputation towards clients etc. It can take organisations years to recover from a top executive who did not perform at the level."

Mr Bouckaert went on to share the skillsets that are integral for top executives to have if they wish to succeed today, citing communication & relationship skills, integrity, strategic thinking and technical understanding as key examples. He also noted that the type of expertise required of top executives is also dependant on the particular organisation and the vision of growth it has adopted. 

"For example if the company is facing high employee turnover in a services industry, you will need a different skillset compared to a company who needs an executive to focus on organisational efficiency in a manufacturing environment," he explained.

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