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Many companies in Thailand are starting to explore data science and its applications to generate insights that can help them predict consumer behaviour, equipment malfunction and more. To ensure that they stay ahead of new technology trends and market movements, companies are recruiting data scientists who can turn raw data into useful information to fuel better decision making and accelerate the business.

Although the demand for data scientist is growing, the pool of qualified data scientists is small. It has been estimated that there are only approximately 250 full-fledged data scientists in Thailand. Data scientists need to be proficient in the two main programming languages used in the data world, R and Python, and related platforms such as Hadoop - being sufficient and an expert in just programming is not enough. They need to be knowledgeable about the business and industry to ensure the insights are relevant for business units such as HR, finance and logistics.

Robert Walters Singapore launched the 2018 Salary Survey – Greater China and South East Asia on the 23rd of November 2017. Now in its nineteenth edition, it is the most comprehensive review of professional salaries and recruitment trends around the world.
Held at Grand Hyatt Singapore, the launch was graced by the media and featured Toby Fowlston, Managing Director for Southeast Asia, Robert Walters. 
It was presented that despite varied country settings, digitalisation continued to be a key priority across most markets. The survey noted that this is mainly driven by a rapidly growing younger population and increased consumerism. Toby said, “The digitalisation trend that is sweeping the region has spurred many businesses to create online or mobile platforms as companies seek to enhance their competitiveness and increase market share with the consumers. As a result of these transformations, many companies were looking to hire professionals with digital expertise, across both marketing and information technology (IT), especially those who are proficient in running back office digital infrastructure or with niche technology skills.” 
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