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Money Channel: Robert Walters Thailand reveals how companies are looking to expand their business globally in the coming years

Robert Walters Thailand was recently invited on Money Channel, one of Thailand’s leading 24-hour broadcasting news channels, to share our insights on how companies looking to expand globally can attract and retain talent with international experience.
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The Nation: Technical skills shine in era of digitalisation

Due to the growing digitalisation trend in Southeast Asia and Thailand, IT professionals with technical skills and international exposures will strongly be in demand in 2018.

Nation TV: Active and stable hiring trends in 2018

Employment trend looks positive for Thailand in 2018. It is expected that salary increments will go up to 35% for high-potential talents with niche skills sets and the ability to work across functions.

Post Today: Growing economy boosts employment

Post Today, a daily Thai language business oriented newspaper recently featured the launch of Robert Walters’ Salary Survey launch. Quoting the survey, Post Today reported that Thailand’s job market is set to remain stable in 2018.