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Summing up 2021, hiring in technology and transformation in the second year of the pandemic has increased aggressively, as most companies have learnt that technology is crucial in driving internal practices or commercial growth.

ERP and applications have been implemented more than usual, but management and technology language may not often go well together. Hence, the demand for senior level professionals with knowledge of both leadership and technology has been greater than ever, as it is the key to ensuring business growth and success.

Technology has become a core product, along with the rise of O2O (online to offline). We have seen more mergers and acquisitions, and the increasing value of tech talent tasked to lead businesses in the new era. This has resulted in a talent war due to the limited talent pool in Thailand.

Companies across sectors are owning their own digital platforms

“As companies across different sectors in Thailand are moving towards owning their own digital platforms, we expect roles such as software engineers, product owners, and UX designers to be in high demand,” shares Vorubsorn Pongsiribanyat, Associate Director of Accounting & Finance, Legal and Tech & Transformation.

Vorubsorn further adds, “With data believed to be instrumental in observing market trends and predictions, as well as reducing complexity and costs in the future, companies will be increasingly on the lookout for data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists who are able to make sense of existing data.

Technology can be both beneficial and a threat to a company. In line with Thailand’s PDPA directive to secure consumers’ personal information, companies will be putting focus on roles related to cybersecurity practices and implementation.”

IT professionals who can bridge gap between commercial and tech languages will be in demand

“While speaking the language of computers is important, it is meaningless when there is a breakdown in translation. Hence, companies will be looking for professionals with required IT knowledge who can bridge the gap between commercial and tech languages seamlessly,” Vorubsorn points out.

She also observed that IT candidates will be in high demand, as they will be able to lead and mentor teams. Since the rise in tech careers, less than 5% of the talent pool can fulfil these roles as entry-level and junior tech candidates continue to join the field.

Candidates with experience in start-ups will also be sought after, as they would be familiar with digitalisation journeys with the intuition to foresee project roadblocks.

Companies need to hire based on potential, and find a balance between qualifications, mindsets and work styles.

Hire based on potential and maintain balance between qualifications, mindset, and work styles

In 2022, employer branding is necessary. The good public image about a company’s culture, value, and perception play an important role in attracting potential candidates.

Hiring managers are also advised to hire based on potential and maintain a balance between qualifications, mindset, and work styles. They will need to understand and adapt alongside technology, to be able to recognise skills and traits required to hire for a team.

Companies looking to retain employees in 2022 are encouraged to look into career pathways and training development for employees, as retention strategies can no longer be based solely on benefits.

Salary expected to increase as high as 25-30% 

With how fast the world changes, tech roles will be even more necessary to companies than before. While tech roles and talent are well-known to be highly costly today, if companies put off hiring for them now, the cost of a late transformation process will be even more expensive in the coming future.

Vorubsorn concludes, “In terms of salaries, while other functions can see an increase of 10-20% in the overall package offer, within the highly competitive tech and transformation market, expect salary offers can be in higher range such as 25-30%. For some niche areas, we might even see a 25-35% jump in salaries.”

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