Covid-19 fuelled the need for professionals with digital transformation experience in the sales & marketing industry


While the Covid-19 situation appeared worse in 2021 compared to 2020, Thailand’s hiring market for sales and marketing remained cautiously active. Many organisations have adapted to online interviews and onboarding, with companies on the whole demanding for more roles to be filled than the number of available candidates in the market.

Salary expectations of sales and marketing professionals have also increased in order to compensate for the risk of having to perform in new jobs and new environments. Aggressive counteroffers were given to retain valuable talent, a change more significant than in the past.

Biggest trends to incur in 2022 

“We expect more companies to look for professionals with strong business development skills and account management experience, as ambitious sales professionals hungry for success are needed to keep businesses moving in difficult times.

The pandemic expedited transformation processes and fuelled the need for professionals with digital transformation experience. This is expected to continue in 2022. As some companies are still starting out on their transformation journey, professionals with change management experience will also be in higher demand.

Work-from-home arrangements have also become a norm, with most professionals in the sector expecting flexible work arrangements. This will continue to be a major trend in 2022. Similarly, there will be greater demand for tools that can help facilitate flexible work arrangements for employees,” shares Natiya Saul, Director of Sales & Marketing and Eastern Seaboard Operation. 

Skillsets required from sales & marketing professionals

Natiya points out, “In B2B, we expect sales and marketing professionals with experience in big data, business development, and key account management to be highly sought-after. We expect more companies to look for candidates with strong market insights experience, as businesses seek to understand current trends and market sentiments.

With FMCG companies moving towards digital and business transformation, professionals with skills and experience in these areas will be in high demand. We also expect head of channel positions to be sought-after by companies.

Healthcare companies will be looking for professionals with strong sales and marketing as well as business development experience. Depending on the nature of businesses, companies will be seeking to hire professionals with specific technical skills that can add value to their organisation.

In retail, professionals with both retail sales and operational skills will be in demand, as the market is on the lookout for talent with strong skills in strategic planning and timely actionable solutions. Those with digital and e-commerce skills will continue to be in demand, in line with future digital trends."

She further adds, "In the digital and e-commerce space, companies will be seeking professionals with technical experience in performance marketing, customer experience, as well as online key account and omnichannels.”

Flexible arrangements is now a key component for talent, especially since it has been proven that employees are capable of functioning well even outside the office.

Spend time attracting candidates right from the interview stage

“Thailand will remain a candidate-driven market in 2022, as many candidates tend to have more than one offer and may even receive counteroffers by their current employers. Hence, we encourage hiring managers to spend more time attracting candidates right from the interview stage to maintain a competitive advantage,” Natiya notes.   

Hiring managers can also consider attractive packages to stand out from competitors, or hire candidates based on their potential, as those with opportunities to learn will likely stay longer.

Natiya also points out, “Organisations that value exchanges of ideas and employee feedback will stand in good stead in this climate. Consider internal rotations, career development opportunities, and good work-life balance and flexibility, as these are key to retaining talent.”

Salary increment looks positive for 2022 

We expect overall salary ranges across sales and marketing functions to remain the same in 2022, though candidates’ salary expectations may need to be managed and considered as part of overall hiring and retention strategies.

Specifically, we expect salary increases of 20% - 25% for sales and marketing professionals in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and even higher for skills that are in demand.

Similarly, professionals in niche positions or with highly sought-after skills may be able to commend higher salaries in tech and retail.

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