Increasing demand for regional roles within the legal industry


Amidst the pandemic, hiring market for the legal field in Thailand improved in 2021, as many companies have adjusted to the change and recognised that corporate governance is still important in driving business operations.

Overall, there was an increase in demand for both in-house legal professionals and law firms, though companies remained cautious in their hiring decisions. 

Hiring trends foreseen for the industry 

Vorubsorn Pongsiribanyat, Associate Director of Accounting & Finance, Legal and Tech & Transformation shares, “For 2022, we expect hiring for regional roles to continue, as many firms have created such roles in Thailand. Moreover, as it remains a common and important role in companies, positions such as head of legal and legal and compliance managers will continue to be filled in the year ahead.

We also expect to see companies focus on and hire more litigation professionals with good communication skills.”

Professionals with strong business acumen will be in demand

“We expect business partners and professionals with sharp business acumen to be in strong demand in 2022. Professionals with well-rounded experience across commercial contracts, corporate law, compliance, PDPA, and personal data profession will be sought-after. Similarly, we expect talent in mergers and acquisitions and litigation to be in continuous demand,” states Vorubsorn. 

Companies need to hire based on potential, and find a balance between qualifications, mindsets and workstyles.

Advice for hiring managers

Vorubsorn advices, “Looking ahead, hiring managers are advised to be transparent and clear in their expectations during the recruitment process, as it helps both the firm and candidates to be aware of expectations right from the start.

Also, companies that provide clear career paths and proactively communicate what they can offer candidates in terms of growth will be able to gain an advantage in attracting strong talent in the market.”

Salary increases in 2022 for legal professionals 

In 2022, for the legal sector in Thailand, salary is expected to increase for professionals in regional roles, legal, compliance, M&A, and litigation, especially for talent with a strong command of the English language.

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