Active hiring of HR professionals amidst the pandemic


The second year of the Covid-19 pandemic saw active hiring of HR professionals. As the pandemic forced businesses to adopt new technology, restructure, or change business plans to be able to thrive in the new normal, it highlighted the importance of having good talent for such changes to happen

Furthermore, more start-ups started hiring for HR leadership positions to help establish company culture, while some multinational companies looked for new qualities in HR professionals to strengthen talent development programmes. Overall, there was no holding back of hiring or freezing of headcounts, especially when it came to key management roles.  

Market to become more competitive for top HR talents

Rungnapa Charoenrungsiri, Manager of Human Resources shares, “In 2022, we expect the market to become more competitive for top talent due to many organisational transformations that will continue to take place. Companies will be looking for qualified candidates who can align themselves to organisational objectives, rather than their ability to run the full cycle of the HR function.

The competition will present itself in the number of offers and counteroffers in the market, as companies seek to both attract and retain talent.”

HR professionals with knowledge of and experience in data analysis will be highly sought-after

Looking ahead, it has become essential for HR to be able to analyse data to understand organisational and employee trends, so as to be able to design talent development programmes that directly impact businesses. HR professionals with knowledge of and experience in data analysis will be highly sought-after.

As remote work arrangements continue into 2022, the HR function will also need to be able to leverage existing and new technologies used to communicate, engage, develop, train, and also track employee performance. We thus expect to see tech-savvy HR professionals and line managers to be in demand.

Beyond CVs, hiring managers need to interview candidates to learn about the challenges they faced and how they  overcame those challenges.

CVs do not necessarily reflect everything about candidates  

“We have noticed that CVs do not necessarily reflect everything about candidates that hiring managers are looking for. Hence, we encourage hiring managers to have at least a conversation with potential candidates and not using the CV to filter out unsuitable applicants. Companies can also work with trusted recruitment partners to help with the screening process,” cites Rungnapa.

“Moreover, it will be more challenging to retain talent in 2022, with remote work arrangements and changing employee expectations. Both HR and hiring managers will need to be able to engage teams on both personal and professional levels and find ways to create a positive work environment. Through market research, we found that culture and workplace colleagues are the most important factors that help with retention, more important that promotions or attractive counteroffers,” Rungnapa adds. 

Salary increment remains the same in 2022     

Salary increments remained the same in 2021, though we saw candidates with higher expectations of around 30% increment when moving jobs due to the risk of job switches amid the uncertainty. We expect this to continue in 2022.

Companies can also explore offering other value propositions, such as work culture, new-normal benefits, or clear business direction to manage salary expectations of candidates.

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