Digital transformation processes are expected to accelerate in 2022 for engineering and supply chain industries


2021 was a much better year for both engineering and supply chain industries in terms of increased number of vacancies, as well as faster hiring processes in companies. Companies have adapted to the new normal and realised they cannot afford to wait any longer to fill important positions or leave roles unfilled with no one to manage them.

Jirawit Taengko, Manager of Engineering and Supply Chain, Eastern Seaboard Operation shares, “The challenging times experienced in the engineering and supply chain industries in Eastern Seaboard have showed us that having skilled employees to help manage and drive higher productivity and efficiency in companies are more important than ever including, stability, and acute demand and supply planning skills.

At the same time, virtual interviews have also become a norm in recruitment processes, and we see many clients and candidates being more familiar with virtual selection and hiring processes. Virtual interviews have been shown to be convenient and effective in speeding up the hiring process.”

Remote work arrangements to be an option 

Looking at 2022, for both industries, we expect to see greater prioritisation of diversity and inclusion efforts to attract a wider range of talent. Inclusiveness will be an important business and talent strategy for many companies.

We also expect to continue to see remote work arrangements as an option in the year ahead, as keeping safe and healthy remains important to many professionals in these sectors.

While we also expect digital transformation processes to accelerate in 2022, there will be more focus on bridging technological gaps by defining skills needed to drive future growth, improving employees’ knowledge of technology, and recruiting or retaining those who can capitalise on cutting-edge technologies.

Essential skillsets in 2022

“Companies are already looking beyond traditional technical skills needed to perform effectively in specific functions. Hence, this year, we expect companies to seek candidates with skills beyond demonstrated ability to operate machines or robust experience using ERP systems.

As many companies will be seeking to leverage digital tools and embrace digital transformation, they will also be looking to hire professionals who are able to blend advanced technology and digital skills with soft skills, such as critical and analytical thinking and strong communication skills,” mentions Jirawit. 

With firms embracing digital transformation, talent who can blend advanced technology and digital skills with soft skills will be in high demand.

Shorten interviews and decision-making processes will have an advantage in securing talents

We expect 2022 to be a robust year of recruitment after 2 years of the pandemic. It is hence critical for companies to bring their A game to secure talented candidates with desired skillsets. It is no longer about the candidates that hiring managers desire, but also about the candidates’ desire and decision to join the company. In this competitive market, hiring managers who shorten interviews and decision-making processes will have an advantage in securing talent.

Retaining skilled employees also play a vital role in ensuring business sustainability, as it will cost employers around 30% of one employee’s annual income to find a suitable replacement when an employee leaves. Hence, hiring managers are advised to optimise benefits, recognise existing employees’ hard work, provide professional development, and encourage collaboration as these are key to retaining strong talent.

20-25% salary increase expected for job movers 

Jirawit states, “From our 2021 survey, there were over 30% of participants who did not receive any salary increments due to the pandemic. However, in 2022, we expect salaries to increase around 5%, due to an expected robust growth of the manufacturing and supply chain sectors.

For candidates moving jobs, we expect a 20-25% salary increase, depending on the positions and sought-after skillsets.”

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