Bangkok Post: Job hopping Gen Y present challenge to companies


In a recent interview with the Bangkok Post, Gerrit Bouckaert, country manager of recruitment consultancy Robert Walters Thailand shared with the national newspaper that the job market was changing and being dominated by Gen Y, presenting a big challenge for companies.

"Gen Y staff usually move their jobs every two or three years to get higher salaries even though it's not a good way to build a career path," he said.

Mr Bouckaert went on to share why Thai professionals leave their jobs, citing the lack of challenge and limited growth as some of the key reasons. He also noted that companies had been facing a shortage of skilled people, especially those with a multinational corporate background, business acumen and language skills.

A recent global salary survey released by Robert Walters found that IT professionals moving jobs could expect salary increases between 20-50%, while candidates in the accounting sector can command up to 30% increase.  Mr Bouckaert also commented that there is a high demand for candidates with regional experience.

For the full Bangkok’s Post interview on the key hiring trends for the Thailand market, please read: “Job hopping Gen Y present challenge to companies” (Source: Bangkok Post, February 16, 2015)

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