Robert Walters Thailand raises a record amount of THB63,000 for Charity Day 2018


The Robert Walters Group held its annual fundraising event on 12 October 2018. Robert Walters Thailand held an internal event at Aetas Lumpini and raised a total of THB63,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation.  

Showing your move for a good deed

This year’s theme for the Thailand office was “Singing & Dancing.” Members of staff were asked to prepare a group performance to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Each group was given three minutes to come up with a performance to raise a target amount. All the groups gave their best for this activity – surprising everyone with their performances and outfits and easily raised beyond the original target. During their group performances, there were bids for certain staff members to individually perform two well-known songs – Let it Go (English) and Your Heart for My Number (Kau Jai Tur Lak Bur Toh) (Thai). Although they were individual performances, the Thailand office showed its team spirit and turned the solo songs into a group singing session.

Other fund-raising activities included “Skittle Separation” where participants were made to pick out skittles by colour from a bucket of rice and align them on a piece A3 paper. An extreme mini-Spartan challenge saw staff members competing to finish four tough stations in the shortest amount of time possible. The stations involved eating corn, solving mathematical equations, and downing extreme drinks such as pure lime juice, bitter herbal drinks, crazy concoctions and more. There was also a “Mystery Box” activity, where staff members challenged others to touch and guess random items that were put into a covered box. 

In addition to these activities, an auction sale was also held in the evening, where each team put up a unique item for bidding. To end the evening, we had a surprise performance from a member of our staff who stunned everyone in the room. His performance alone raised approximately THB4,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

“Each year’s Charity Day in Thailand is more memorable than the last – our staff members continually surprise us with their hidden abilities and talent. This year, we were able to raise a significant amount of money for Children’s Hospital Foundation through the fun activities organised and we hope that this money will help make a positive impact on the children’s lives,” said Natiya Saul, Director of Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain & Engineering, Robert Walters Thailand. 

Supporting Children’s Hospital Foundation 

Children’s Hospital was established in 1974, and five years later, the Children’s Hospital Foundation was set-up. The foundation aims to raise money to provide advanced medical care and services to less fortunate children with complex health problems. They treat about 300,000 outpatients per year – 800-900 a day – and approximately 12,500 inpatients per year. They also carry out continuous research and development and find ways to treat children’s health in a more efficient manner. 

Robert Walters Singapore launched the 2018 Salary Survey – Greater China and South East Asia on the 23rd of November 2017. Now in its nineteenth edition, it is the most comprehensive review of professional salaries and recruitment trends around the world.
Held at Grand Hyatt Singapore, the launch was graced by the media and featured Toby Fowlston, Managing Director for Southeast Asia, Robert Walters. 
It was presented that despite varied country settings, digitalisation continued to be a key priority across most markets. The survey noted that this is mainly driven by a rapidly growing younger population and increased consumerism. Toby said, “The digitalisation trend that is sweeping the region has spurred many businesses to create online or mobile platforms as companies seek to enhance their competitiveness and increase market share with the consumers. As a result of these transformations, many companies were looking to hire professionals with digital expertise, across both marketing and information technology (IT), especially those who are proficient in running back office digital infrastructure or with niche technology skills.” 
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