What is IKM? 

Heralded as one of the best knowledge and technical skills assessment for talent acquisition, IKM (International Knowledge Measurement), an IT professional third party online testing program will allow you to recruit and manage your candidates and employees in the most efficient and effective way. It is a methodology that is guaranteed to shorten your hiring process in half as it allows you to measure knowledge of IT candidates on a technical level, including skills gaps and skills audits. This enables you to gain a more comprehensive and accurate view of your candidates’ proficiencies. 

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Why use IKM? 

With over 700 online assessments, clients across different sectors including IT services, financial services, trading, manufacturing and etc. have confirmed this is an essential tool for IT structures and organisations. It has improved recruitment efficiency by saving time and money as well as improved the placement success rate.

IKM Availability

Available globally and for most industries and disciplines, this IT professional assessment comes in multiple programming languages and can be tailored based on your requirements. You can revise your current assessment, customise your own assessment or have us tailor an assessment for you depending on your needs. 

Benefits of IKM

  • Easy to use
  • Quickly and more accurately match the candidate to the position
  • Successful placements in shorter timeframe 
  • Increased employees productivity as screening process has been cut down by at least 30-45 minutes giving more time to work on other tasks
  • Adaptive testing: time is not wasted on questions not suitable for assessment taker 
  • Reduce hiring time and costs: source for skills to match project needs 
  • Detailed reporting and analysis 
  • Accurate test results 
  • Customise training content for candidates and employees 
  • Allows career advancement planning 
  • Find out strengths and weaknesses of candidates
  • Uses up to date assessment content 

Enhance your recruitment process

This online assessment has served as a significant tool for recruitment process as it gives insights of candidate’s technical skills prior to or at any stage during the interview. Through the detailed test results, you can find out the performance level of candidates and know which area to focus on. 

In order to make a more comprehensive decision, simply:

  • Collaborate with Robert Walters to customise the type of test and identify technical skills required by the business
  • Robert Walters will send the test to candidate (to be completed in 48 hours)
  • Robert Walters will send test results to client within 24 hours (after completion of test)
  • Make your pick and interview candidates for further processing 
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and BI
Management and
Back End (Java, PHP and etc.) Virtualisation SQL PMP SAP (all modules)
Front End (html5, css, .js and etc.) Data Centre Management VBA Agile Microsoft Dynamics
Frameworks Network admin Cognos SCRUM Oracle
OS ITIL standards Tableau Prince2 Siebel
Mobile tech Server admin SAS PMBOK Salesforce.com
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*Online Technical Skills Assessment Powered by IKM

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