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What we do

HITAP is renowned for its expertise in health technology assessment (HTA), an approach that is used to generate evidence to define the health benefits package, both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical, in Thailand. In addition, HITAP has a diverse set of skills in health systems research and collaborates with partners domestically and globally to promote the use of evidence in decision-making for health.

Notable examples of HITAP’s work include research to support the formulation of renal dialysis policy under the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) and COVID-19 vaccine evaluation to determine appropriate use of the vaccines.


Why work for HITAP?

HITAP encourages staff to learn and grow in a dynamic, supportive and open-minded work environment. Working with HITAP offers staff the opportunity to make a difference in society to inform decisions that will provide better health for all. HITAP staff always gain a unique experience of supporting decision-making for health, both nationally and internationally.

HITAP values engaging with different sectors in the society and those working at HITAP will get to work with a vast range of people, from laypeople to patients, and from renowned health professionals to high-level decision makers.